Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mitt Romney Is A Sterling Role Model

Doom Antidote:  Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Fail
By Kevin DuJan
October 27, 2012

I’m really inspired by the Romney family’s personal motto of “Clear Eyes. Full Heart. Can’t Fail”.  It’s remarkable…because it’s exactly what I’ve always believed in and it’s how I conduct myself as a political writer.

If you notice, Mitt Romney never phrases anything in a negative…and he never expresses worry or anxiety or other nonsense.  He just powers through.  Even when everyone is against the man — and for four years I was against him myself before he became our nominee — he maintains the clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose spirit.

I want to take a moment here today to explain to you why this is so important…and remind you that the Left does something similar, which is why they win so many elections in a country that’s naturally conservative.  We have a real problem in our own ranks, folks, because too many conservative males (and it’s always the guys for some reason) treat the Internet like personal therapy sessions instead of being professionals who understand that everything they churn out on their sites influences the electorate in subtle ways.  Americans, by nature, want to vote for winners; they love seeing election day like it’s Superbowl Sunday and they’ve got the right jersey on so they can not only celebrate with the victors…but show everyone how smart they were because they picked the winning team in advance.

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  1. Spirit, indeed. Family values, most certainly. His past failures, and why I did not support him before, was because of his tendency to what seems to be constant mind-changing; when in fact, I believe, he has tried to please everyone in the past. Hopefully he will learn from his mistakes and carry out much needed reform that has been required in the past ten years. I, like you, have become impressed with his character - which the nasty-mouth Democrats cannot denounce.
    Indeed, the winning team will be Romney/Ryan, for America cannot endure another four years of nothing but corruption, failed policies of socialism, and someone who should have stayed being a "community organizer". I hope enough Americans have awaken from their apathetic and ignorant slumber.