Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dishonor: Obama and Company a National Security Threat

The following video is a testament why I insist that ALL candidates running for the elected office of senator, representative, President of the US, and VP should be required to have an FBI background check for security clearance – like myself and others were required for access to classified material.
The following video also demonstrates that while a President of the United States is not required to have military experience, it certainly helps in the role of commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces. BH Obama, a former community organizer and briefly a US Senator has, obviously, not the right stuff required for his position. If any other citizen of the United States would have done what Obama and those in his administration and members of Congress did in breaching national security – they would be looked upon as actions that are traitorous and definitely prosecuted.
In the views of politicians and courts today, apparently traitorous actions are no longer a serious issue to be dealt with, an example would be Taliban Walker case.
Please watch the following video and see one of the major reasons why America must not endure another term of this president, indeed, in retrospect, he should have never been elected as president. 

Acknowledgment: Joan B. for sending me the link for this video.

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