Sunday, June 24, 2012

AGU: #PopCulture The Great Influencer. #WAR is Now!

American Grizzlies United (AGU) is a grassroots organization dedicated to organizing, educating, and training volunteers for American political elections. This election cycle AGU is focused on down ticket races; getting Common Sense Conservatives elected who will fight for a smaller, smarter, government through sudden and relentless reform. AGU: 2012 Primary Candidate List At this very moment there are a lot of hardworking AGU volunteer's in their homes and on the ground fighting to bring positive change to America. But, if we are to win the #WAR and restore our Republic we need to recognize and actively engage another positive change that has already begun to make a difference. This positive change is not just the necessary boots on the ground engaged citizenry. It is an engaged citizenry who are also ready, willing, and able to get outside their comfort zones, and fearlessly dive into the world of Pop Culture.

Our Army of David's must actively engage The Democrat Media Complex in the arena of Pop Culture. We must be on the offense. Pop Culture has been influencing American politics for quite some time. The left figured this out a long time ago, and to be perfectly honest, we have some catching up to do. Thanks to Governor Sarah Palin, we are catching up. We are catching up very quickly. Liberals no longer own Pop Culture. Common Sense Conservatism has infiltrated the arena and some battles have already been won. For years Conservatives have ran from Pop Culture as some sort of danger. Now we need to follow the lead of Sarah Palin (or any Marine) and run toward the danger. When Bristol Palin got outside her comfort zone to compete in Dancing With The Stars millions of ordinary Americans felt compelled to flood the voting lines of the show to keep her on.


Suddenly an enormous chunk of the American electorate (many who have become disenfranchised with politics and even voting) were talking about Bristol's mother Sarah Palin and what she represented, what she had to offer, what she has accomplished, and how strong a leader in the Conservative movement she is. Pop Culture matters. Soon afterwards, TLC debuted Sarah Palin's Alaska and again an enormous chunk of the American electorate watched many of the LSM's false narratives melt before their very eyes.

Dumb, Crazy, RAAACIST, Homophobic, Bad Mother...


All of this hogwash got thrown down the drain. Across the country, without the filter of the LSM, a truthful portrayal was now in peoples living rooms. Americans watched with their own eyes how a loving hardworking family coordinate the busy schedule of a mother of five, co-owner in a family fishing business, Former: Councilwoman, Mayor, Governor, President of Alaska's Conference of Mayors, Chair of Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Chair of the National Governors Association, 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate, Current: Fox News Contributor, Author, and much sought after Public Speaker.

Regular Americans saw for themselves how incredibly normal The Palin's are. Just like them, this family pitches in, helps each other raise their children, and conduct their small business(s). They face the same challenges that most Americans face everyday. No book burning, no hanging from a helicopter shooting wolves for fun, no divorces...


For years the loons in the enviromental left have overwhelmed Pop Culture with faulty images of cute furry little critters whose homes would be destroyed if we developed our own God given resources in Alaska. One little television show completely destroyed this lie as viewers learned for themselves that most of Alaska is a vast frozen tundra and the foot print for drilling is the equivalent of putting a dime on your dining room table. Pop Culture matters and Bambi will be just fine.


Now we have Bristol venturing out on her own in Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp on the Lifetime Network.

On August 13, 2012 Todd Palin will take part in Stars Earn Stripes on NBC.

So how do we fit into all of this?

What can we do to help advance the Common Sense Conservative world view in Pop Culture?


It's actually quite easy. Most of these shows have their own sites with forums, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and more. Use them. Show your support. Make your voice heard.

Conservatives consistently outnumber the left by a 2-1 margin. It's time we act like it. We can surrond them.

Who knows, we don't know the format for Todd's show but he may need some help if viewer voting is involved.


The best way to get involved in Pop Culture is to just do it. Talk about these shows with your friends, families, and co-workers. Maybe invite some of them over for viewing parties.


(Remember the Sex in the City viewing parties from the 90's? Instead of serving Cosmo's and potty talk; how about serving some Alaskan Smoked Salmon or maybe even trying this recipe for Baked Alaska Cupcakes and then after the show talk about what local candidates everyone wants to support?)


If you are really willing to go outside your comfort zone to effect positive change maybe you or someone you know would like to participate in a television show. Having the platform to express the Common Sense Conservative worldview is a privilege that encourages others to take a stand against The Democrat Media Complex and show regular Americans they are not alone.


This election cycle we have an opportunity to renew the American Spirit and sense of purpose of our country.

All hands on deck.

Our work continues...

Thomas S Schmitz American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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