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News Snips: May 5th 2012

Snippets for May 5th, 2012 …
  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law on May 4th a bill that will prohibit state funding for any organization that provides abortion medical procedures as part of welfare benefits, organizations like Planned Parenthood. Taxpayers in that state will no longer fund abortions for citizens of Arizona. Arizona has been a leading state in reformation of the way government operates. Governor Brewer has served as a strong leader in constitutional law and promoting freedom and rights.

    She ensured that the Christmas holiday would not be oppressed in Arizona government buildings and infrastructure, banning it because of political correctness or a minute minority not wanting Christian icons to be displayed such as the nativity scene or the Christmas tree. She and the Arizona state legislature is presently in a legal battle that represents state rights in which Arizona has picked up on the slack of enforcement of immigration laws and the security of our southern borders. It is and has been a leading state in the right to carry and bear arms according to the Second Amendment. In Arizona, if you do not conceal a weapon and carry it in the open in a holster, you need no firearm permit; however, if it is concealed, a permit is required. Lawful citizens have the right to carry firearms and use if in defense of self, family, property and other citizens. 
    Arizona is also home of the sheriff hero, Joe Arpaio who has fought against illegal immigration and the crime it brings with it, has a strict prisoner policy, as well as recently came forth with evidence that Barack H. Obama's birth certificate displayed on the Internet as proof of birth in Hawaii is a computerized fraudulent document and social security account discrepancies. Sheriff Arpaio (with County Attorney Andrew Thomas) also has filed lawsuit in regards to alleged racketeering charges against four judges that are current members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and its managers. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a member of the growing national organization called the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officer Association, (CSPOA) also known as Sheriff Mack's Constitutional Posse in which representatives from each county promote the education of constitutional law and the principles of freedom and liberty. The organization's motto is: Enforcing the Bill of Rights, Protecting the People's Liberties). I have initiated a chapter here in Door County (the Peninsula and Washington Island) as a member (Door Peninsula Patriots) and sent email to the local sheriff for endorsement. I have received no response since it was sent last month.
  • Ron Paul has been called radical for his policy on foreign affairs. In recent news, the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hung a Chinese (blind) dissident in the cold and out to dry by refusing to afford that person diplomatic immunity or protection by the United States. Instead, Clinton kissed the rears of Chinese officials who demanded that he be returned. Is that not the policy of NOT interfering with affairs of foreign nations? Yet, they call Dr. Paul a “radical” for believing that America should stay out of the affairs of other nations – mainly because we have too many problems of our own. The hypocrisy of this administration is beyond belief and Hillary Clinton is inept (putting it politely) at being in the important position of Secretary of State. Our foreign policy is in shambles, yet no one wants to elect Ron Paul who abides by the first president, George Washington (was he a "radical"?), and other founders that America should not get involved with foreign nations in terms of their politics, et cetera.
James Joyner, Outside the Beltway, wrote:
...If elected president, Paul’s most valuable contribution to a prosperous and secure American future might well lie in his application of a non-interventionist foreign policy, following the wishes of George Washington and the other founders. Most crucial today is the principle that foreign interventions when no genuine U.S. interest is at risk will yield lost wars, deep debt, and decreased domestic liberty. These common-sense principles were the key to national security in the early republic and would regain that status in a Paul presidency. A President Paul would infuse these principles into U.S. foreign policy and produce a non-interventionist doctrine: far fewer unnecessary and costly wars, far fewer dead soldiers, and far greater U.S. national security. This is a workable, adult approach to the world — especially the Muslim world — unlike the adolescent approach America’s bipartisan governing elite has hewed to for decades .
  • GM Volt
    It is hard to imagine how this President of the United States, Barack H. Obama (aka ?), can actually believe he is worthy of the American vote for office a second term. He certainly has scrambled in the last couple of months to make it look like he has accomplished something with propaganda and inaccurate statistics, but he will going down in history as a terrible president, worse than Jimmy Carter. His General Motors 45 billion dollar tax break didn't help matters, but at the same time he is declaring that “evil” corporations and the wealthy is not paying enough. It is because under this system, which the American people have asked reformation of, is an unfair and inefficient tax system where one entity or individual pays a certain percentage and another pays less or more. His propaganda of “unfairness”, which the Democrat socialist Party of America is famously saying election after election. The most disturbing aspect of that Marxist tactic is that too many American people are still falling for it. Obama has failed in the endeavor to promote, after government takeover of the auto industry and spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, to promote the Chevy Volt; which is a flop just like his record as president. Only 7,700 were sold last year before finally pulling the plug on the Volt. Too bad, it looks good, although a bit pricey. But then, everything is nowadays. Thanks you: Clinton, Bush, and Obama.
    Obama's well-known campaign rhetoric was about the high fuel prices during Bush II's tenure; with him spouting on about alternate fuels (which has yet to surface), which now the gas has doubled in price since Bush was in office at a national average of $3.80 per gallon. Obama and company made Bush II look like a warmonger; yet Obama has kept troops in Afghanistan, ignored recommendation from US generals and losing in Afghanistan – both in terms of a potential ally as well as the war. Operation Fast and Furious was supposed to be the great operation that would send Mexican criminals in jail and squash the cartels; instead, it ended up putting more firearms into the hands of killers that cost the lives of hundreds of Mexicans and an American citizen by Mexican cartels, while Eric Holder refuses to cooperate with the congressional investigation (contempt) calling anyone who charges him with wrong doing being a racist. I guess he doesn't think that it is racist to believe that he should get away with criminal activity because of his skin pigmentation. But what would someone no expect in such leadership when the President of the United States not only ignored his required appearance in a Georgia court, but his lawyers refused to show up for the scheduled trial date. 
    Queen Hillary, Wicked Witch of West
    Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State has allowed a blind Chinese dissident to return to Chinese authorities. Hillary continues the legacy of the Clinton relationship (Bill Clinton) with communist China – by kissing their rumps. Progressive socialists don't understand the schoolyard bully syndrome, they would rather give in to bullies and then call it “diplomacy”. Meanwhile, Iran has threatened to make pre-emptive attacks on US missile defense sites – those that have not been reduced by the Obama cut.
    President Obama has spent more than 75 billion dollars of taxpayer funding to address the mortgage crisis to be added to the hundreds of billions spend by Bush before leaving office. It was this topic that afforded Obama's lead against McCain in the presidential race – shame on American voters for being duped. Meanwhile, homeowners have seen no results and feel that money spent on the “too big to fail” financial institutions have come out better than they have. ObamaCare, according to the Democrat socialists, was supposed to miraculously reduce the deficit, provide universal coverage, and everyone was supposed to keep their own health care plan. Yet, according to the CBO:
     It will add 700 billion dollars to the deficit over its first 10 years, 3-5 million people will lose their health care, and 30 million people still won't have health coverage
    Shame upon the Obama fans for being duped and pity on the rest of us who saw through his disguise. But what would want expect from a community leader – the only political background this guy had before becoming a senator then president?
    During the last presidential campaign, Obama stated
     I refuse to leave our children with a debt they cannot repay, and that means taking responsibility right now, in this administration, for getting our spending under control.
    Obama attempted to stop children on farms from doing the traditional chores around the farm – but fortunately that failed. Besides, children must work as well as their children in order to pay the debt he racked up in less than four years.
    For more than three years the unemployment remains higher than what was promised – 8%, instead of the required 5.5% rate (according to Obama projections). After spending almost a trillion dollars on stimulus nonsense (like Bush) is another failure of keeping a campaign promise.
    Obama and family took another expensive vacation to Spain courtesy of taxpayer dollars, but there was no report on anything being spent on hookers by his security staff while there. This president is known for several historical precedents: taking the most vacations, spending the most time on campaign dinners and events, the most czars in presidential history, increasing Big Government, most unconstitutional acts and abuse of office, and accomplishing the least in terms of success versus campaign promises. 

    I Voted For Obama
    Yet, the media wants America to believe he is still leading in popularity and doing such a great job? A testament that, along with government, it is another entity that needs a thorough cleaning out (like Congress – GOP & Sociocrat) in a total reformation. That begins with reformation of society in the way it looks at values and the educational institution that will produce responsible, objective, constitutionally minded graduates.

Hey, but what do I know? I am just one of We the People.

  •  At the end of May there will be a big American communist rally in Chicago, Illinois. The state has been, for some time, progressed towards socialism; and history shows us (for those who pay attention) that socialism leads to communism -- and as Ronald Reagan stated once freedom is gone it is difficult or impossible to get it back. While the "useful idiots" have the right to do so, it is just a public display of how low the "Land of Lincoln" has gotten thanks to corruption, citizen apathy, and ignorant voters. Any decent person in Illinois should be planning an exodus, like the Mormons did in the 19th century, and get the hell out of dodge. Just don't exodus to California. Illinois is the last state to hold out against the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States by not letting its citizens exercise those rights. Where is the Supreme Court when its needed? Too busy with La Raza functions or disavowing the US Constitution on Egyptian TV.
And that's the Snippets for today, May 5th 2012, the year of presidential election and the prediction of doom via the Mayan Calendar

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