Wednesday, May 9, 2012

AGU: @Cher is Closed Minded and Intolerant (#Bigoted)...

For decades (and decades) the waning entertainer Cher has lectured America on how closed minded and intolerant conservatives are. Today Ms. Cher has taken to Twitter and exposed how truly closed minded, intolerant, and bigoted she is herself when it comes to the beliefs and opinions of others.

Ms. Cher is not only stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas, but she also has a problem with hypocrisy.

It is well documented that during the 90's when her daughter Chastity Bono publicly came out as a lesbian, Ms. Cher was quite uncomfortable with the news at first, and "went ballistic" (Bono, Chaz (as Chastity); Fitzpatrick, Billy (1998). Family Outing. New York: Little, Brown. p. 207)

The closed minded and intolerant Ms. Cher told her lesbian daughter that she dressed like a truck driver, and a slob and even kicked her teenage daughter out of the house.

NOTE: Watch Chastity Bono (now Chaz Bono tell Joy Behar that Cher kicked her out of the house for being a lesbian)

When Chastity Bono was faced with a sensitive life decision (to undergo sex reassignment surgery) her Mother's 100% unconditional love and support could have helped. One would think that the first impulse of a woman who has been lecturing Americans on tolerance for years would be acceptance.

It was not.

Ironically, the one person who did remain accepting, tolerant, and open minded through the years was Chaz's Step-Mother; Republican Congresswoman (CA-45) Mary Bono Mack.

It should be noted that Ms. Cher and Chaz have reconciled their differences.

However, it should also be noted that Ms. Cher herself has a history of the same homophobia she accuses and lectures Americans about.

Obama supporting Hollywood know-it-alls will continue to attack honest, hard working Americans with baseless hate-filled rhetoric.

We will continue to fight back.

America is tired of those who have bankrupted our country and placed the (non) issues of the small minority over the will of the majority.

We outnumber them (2-1). We can surround them.

Our work continues...

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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