Wednesday, March 7, 2012

While at Occidental "Obama expressed "doctrinaire" Marxist views"

Investor's Business Daily
March 6, 2012

Journalism: The president's Rolodex of radicals has grown even fatter after bloggers revealed fresh details about his earlier ties to socialists. Yet the major media continue to keep a lid on it.
Last month, a former Marxist professor recounted a politically explosive tete-a-tete he had with Obama when he was a college student.

In his first-hand account, posted on, John C. Drew, a Ph.D., said Obama expressed "doctrinaire" Marxist views, including the need for a new socialist U.S. government that would redistribute the nation's wealth.

In fact, Drew noted that Obama was the fiercest of the true believers among campus Marxists at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and that he had to counsel him on pragmatics.

"Since I was a Marxist myself at the time, and had studied variations in Marxist theory," he said, "I can state that everything I heard Obama argue was consistent with Marxist philosophy, including the ideas that class struggle was leading to an inevitable revolution and that an elite group of revolutionaries was needed to lead the effort."


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