Sunday, March 18, 2012

AGU: Engaged Citizenry; Victory!

It's easy to get distracted by the many sideshows during this unconventional election cycle. There will be many battles. Some will be won, and some will be lost.

For some time now American Grizzlies United has been focused on down ticket candidates. Our AGU 2012 Primary Candidate List (when combined with the AGU Citizen Activism Guide and The Grizzly Doctrine; A Crib Sheet ) is designed to help you vet candidates and decide which ones you would like to help.

One battle that you helped win took place in the swing state of Ohio. Recently, 35 year old Josh Mandel, answered the call of duty, won his primary; and will now go on to battle incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown this November.

Because of you GOP Ohio Senate Nominee Josh Mandel has been out campaigning with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Here's Josh's contact info so you can help him go all the way in November:

Josh Mandel

OH-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Another battle is coming up this tuesday in Illinois. Danielle Rowe has been raging against the machine for the state house seat in IL-52. Becasue of your help Danielle has endured Chicago Style Bullying Tactics and not been intimidated.

The revolutionary change that Danielle stands for includes: taking a stand for pro-growth economic policies that respect small business owners, and taking a stand against the tax-borrow-spend culture in Springfield that has killed Illinois' economy.

Here's Danielle's contact info so you can help her go all the way on tuesday:

Danielle Rowe

IL-52 State Assembly

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Primary Date: March 20, 2012

At times the battle to restore America may seem daunting. But ordinary engaged citizen volunteers just like you are making a difference.

Our work continues. Let’s restore America.

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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