Thursday, November 1, 2012

BenghaziGate: Update, October 31st 2012

A most disconcerting report from Washington Times and concerning the Benghazi embassy attack in Libya – now officially designated as BenghaziGate scandal, here are facts within the fog of cover-up by BH Obama and Hillary Clinton:

  • Prior to the 9/11 anniversary, instead of improved security that was requested, it was reduced. Special Forces detachment of 16 personnel were ordered to leave.
  • No help was sent to aid embassy officials and requests for support were denied – more than once.
  • Congressional investigators of hearings, FoxNews, Michael Coren (SunNews, Canada), Aaron Klein (WorldNetDaily), and Diana West (syndicated columnist), Frank Gaffney (Center for Security Policy), and Clare Lopez (, strategic policy-intelligence) are investigating what the Benghazi role played concerning Obama administration’s Middle East policy of, as Frank Gaffney stated:
engaging, legitimating, enriching and emboldening Islamists who have taken over or are ascendant in much of the Middle East.
Another disconcerting revelation: Turkish Consul General, Ali Sait Akin, suspected of involvement in the plot to attack the US mission in Benghazi. Associated Press (AP) reporters were told by Libyans living near the compound tells a different story than what was released by the White House and the Secretary of State. In addition, a “mysterious” Libyan ship heading to Syria has been linked to the US Consulate.
This is an executive administration of the United States government whose campaign ads have accused Mitt Romney of wanting to keep America in perpetual war. This is a political entity in the United States whose political platform is socialism at home and foreign policy of appeasement, apologetic rhetoric abroad that have weakened our status among world nations, as well as in the eyes of the enemies of the free world. This is the same political socialist-progressive movement that accused GW Bush of staging the attack of September 11th, 2001 despite expert engineers and analysts at Ground Zero proving that the attack was carried out by Islamic fascists and the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. It reinforces my statements that 98% of the time, the American Democrat political party members who accuse others of scandals and even treasonous acts are themselves guilty of what they are accusing, either direct lies or through misinformation.
This also reinforces my call for action: 
no person who desires to campaign for the office of the President, Vice President, or member of the US Congress in the House or Senate should not be considered a viable candidate without passing a full FBI security screening like any American citizen with access to classified documents and sensitive material regarding our national security.
Obama and company are prime examples of why this should be so. When BH Obama, with all of his ties in the subversive organizations of Islamic fascism, is no longer President of the United States – is he not a security risk? The President of the United States has access to every critical document and material that is safeguarded for the protection of the United States and its people.
As I stated in another article: There is no statute of limitations for treason.

In a related bit of news:

Larry Ward at Breitbart reported that his political message in the form of the following image was removed from the page and replaced with a notice of violation by Facebook. When re-posted  the same thing happened again and Facebook suspended Mr. Ward’s account for 24 hours in punishment. This is a violation of the First Amendment, you know, the one that progressives love to invoke, but not allow it when others think differently. Facebook is the one who should be punished.
The image below is not anything than a short statement of truth; unlike that posted by the progressive pundits and bloggers depicting GW Bush as a Nazi, baby killer, warmonger, and destroying the Statue of Liberty – and, worse, part of a conspiracy that instigated the terrorist attack of 911.

During the Bush administration there was a myriad of anti-war demonstrators – but during the four years of Obama and company, none. Why?
War is war, no matter WHO is in office.
Why was impeachment in order for GW Bush for his actions in a war authorized by Congress called for - and no word of impeachment coming from the Congress?
It is because conservatives and constitutional patriots believe that Islamic fascism is a real and present danger – a threat to the United States, its people, and valued allies; at home and abroad. Like other places in the world, the Muslim Brotherhood obtains a foothold through subversion of a nation’s infrastructure through “peaceful” fronts and institutions. Progressives serve socialism; therefore, they must have a policy of appeasement and apologetic diatribe. More questions ...
Why was the meeting with Turkey consul not at Tripoli, where the embassy is? 
Why did not the Turkish consul provide warning about the roadblocks by Afghan-dressed armed personnel in the nearby streets of the consulate?
As with the four-year record of this president - too many questions with no answers as well as no accountability
Do We the People want to live by mob rule and the whim of the corrupt media or the Rule of the Constitution
Fellow Americans who are undecided or Obama fans: If this does not get your attention and help you decide who to vote for on November 6th national election – I have not a clue what would

Clean out Congress and the White House on November 6th.

American needs constitutional representatives and senators - not unconstitutional, compromising RINOs or Socialists; and a President (and Cabinet) of character, who abides by his/her oath of office. If we are to reform OUR government, we must first reform ourselves.

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