Sunday, January 29, 2012 CPAC SWAG Special $19.95

Our friends at (E&O) have a great CPAC Sarah Palin themed SWAG Special!

For $19.95 (FREE SHIPPING) you get any E&O T-Shirt and 10 buttons.

If you are not familar with E&O and their heroic beginnings, take a minute to read about them HERE: POSTER WARS.

About the same time as the poster wars incident there was an O4P-CA local meet up in San Francisco. Because of the positive outcome of the poster wars these citizens realized that their unique fusion of activism and art could really be put to good use.

From E&O:

This quiet act of resistance set off a flurry of press as the “Palin Poster Wars” became a national story.

It also began a unique partnership of activism and art.

Essex and Orange 1773” exemplifies how a simple place and event can effect major change, for it was at this intersection in Boston that the Liberty Tree stood. In 1773, it was a gathering place for those Americans who stood against the tyranny of taxation, and struck a blow for independence at the Boston Tea Party.

Check out EssexAndOrange1773 to take advantage of this great deal (while supplies last!)


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