Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Nation Under God (by artist Jon McNaughton)

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This beautiful and symbolic painting recently came to my attention, and I simply thought some of our readers would like to see it.

Christ holds the Constitution to symbolize that our nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, an idea that too many would like us to forget. The people surrounding him played a role to one extent or another in the formation of our country. Each person has a name. To read the stories, click the title above to visit the artist's site.

Excerpts from the artist:

Each figure including Christ represents a symbol. Everything about the painting is symbolic.

Let me make myself clear from my writing that just because they stand behind Christ, does not mean they are devout Christians evoking all to come unto Jesus and be baptized?! What I am saying is that they represent those who have influenced our country and our Constitution in a positive way. Many of these men and women gave their lives so we could have the liberties we enjoy. We are now at a time when these liberties are in peril. Our government has grown so big and powerful that the rights of the individual are at risk. This is what the Constitution was about—to limit the size of government. The patriotic heroes who stand behind Christ and the Constitution are pleading with us to defend the cause of liberty. Except for the pregnant woman in the lower left corner, these people symbolize those who have pushed our country towards Socialism. (The pregnant woman's place in the painting is explained on the website.)

When you visit McNaughton's web site, you'll be able to move the cursor over every person to learn the name, and why he or she was included.

I have ordered a giclee print of this painting to hang near my desk. And for the record, there is absolutely no financial incentive for me to post the image on this site. I only hope to encourage you to look back on our history, and then ask, "What can I do to protect our Constitution and secure the future of our nation?"

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