Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tea Party Question of the Century

As obvious as the nose on your face, but you never hear the media ask this question.   However, that should not stop tea partiers (especially Texans) from asking this question when they are interviewed by the media.


. . . given that thousands throughout the country cannot obtain any documentary evidence on which to determine [Barack Obama's] eligibility; how did [Nancy Pelosi, Boyd Richie (Texas)], KH, and others from the [Democrat] party determine his eligibility to swear to state election officials he was eligible to get on the ballot? So, when people involved in the tea party give rallies, this question should be asked. 

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  1. My question is why are so many people afraid to ask a question? You simply ask a question and wait for a response-the person can say an honest "I don't know".

  2. Of course FOX, pledged to bury the Obama eligibility issue fails to report the significance of this. One of the books overdue (220 years) from NY's oldest library is Vattel's Law of Nations. I thought that Obama apologists said that the founders knew nothing of "LON" and that Natural Born Citizen could not have come from there! Voices are speaking from the past..

  3. Forgot to post the story. This would make a great blog post!