Friday, November 20, 2009

Graphic: Obama The Unconstitutional Usurper

graphic obama unconstitutional usurperClick image to enlarge.  Also available on Scribd as a pdf.

Barack Obama has dual citizenship through his non-U.S. citizen father. Our Founders excluded dual citizens from eligibility to the Presidency for national security reasons.

Every order he gives as Commander-in-Chief, every bill he signs, and every executive decision he makes while seated in the Office of President, are unconstitutional and thus illegal.

The U.S. courts and Congress must address this and force Barack Obama, the usurper, to step down.


  1. This will make a beautiful postcard to send to every member of Congress.

    Postcards feature the virtue of not having to go thru security screening and are delivered immediately.

  2. No he does not. He is a US citizen by birth, having been born in the US. Under the law of Kenya, he was probably also a Kenya citizen, as his father was. Childern do not choose this, and so most countries, US included, allow dual citizenship for children until they reach the age of majority, at which point thye may chooose. President Obama clearly chose to remain a US citizen, and US law does not deprive an adult of US citizenship unless they excercise rights under foreign citizenship. Stop talking ignorant nonsense, and do some research.
    Incidentally, John McCain was not born in the US. Why do you not raise that issue? Answer, because Obama is black, Oh No! Sorry, because since Mccain's parents were US citizens he is probably "natural-born"

  3. The definition of "Natural Born Citizen" has been clearly established. While the use of the term was debated at the writing of the constitution, the definition was not. Everyone knew what it meant. In fact, the wisdom of selecting "Natural Born Citizens" as leaders and/or rulers was established thousand of years prior as indicated in numerous historical records including, but not exclusive to, biblical history.

    From our own relatively short history we can look back at the personal references made by our founding fathers and official documents including related statutes, acts of Congress and Supreme Court decisions. Therein we find not only a clear definition of the term but that all other definitions of any reasonable merit have been eliminated.

    The problem is that some would rather 1+1+0=3 because they have a particular liking for the number 3.

    1 Born in the country
    +1 Citizen Father
    +1 Citizen Mother

    We must stand up, speak out and hold our elected officials, judges and their staffs liable for the treason the are committing with openness and premeditation we will soon discover their inability to understand another constitutional phrase,


  4. To Andrew Lyall,
    Why, oh why, do people like you who disagree (and don't understand the law) always revert to ad hominem attacks?

    McCain is also NOT a natural born Citizen, despite a Congressional resolution claiming he was, because the hospital he was born in was not actually in Panama. Nearby, yes, but not within the legal jurisdiction. Therefore, we had two candidates running for the same office at the same time who are NOT natural born Citizens.

    Furthermore, Gov. Bobby Jindal, also is NOT a natural born citizen. He was born in America, but both of his parents were non-citizens at his birth. Therefore, if he runs for President, we will make the same arguments against him, even though I respect the man very much.

    You, sir, really need to do some research yourself, like many people are now doing, and the best way to do that is to read the legal arguments made by constitutional Attorney Mario Apuzzo at, which is one of the key sources I used to educate myself.

    Arguments can be made that dual citizens should be eligible to run for the presidency, but the only way that could happen legally is if a constitutional amendment was passed to do away with the natural born term, and change it to simply "citizen". The ONLY place within the Constitution that the term "natural born" appears is in the eligibility clause for President and his successors. Elsewhere the Founders use the generic term "citizen."

  5. Obama is NOT a "natural born Citizen" of these United states of America and he WILL be forced from office!

  6. Andrew:
    McCain's father was in the military - John was born on a US installation - AND both parents were citizens.
    No comparison.
    Get a life somewhere other than America - we don't want socialists anymore and those that support them.

  7. Agreed Jefferson's Rebels. He is unconstitutional and Congress and the Courts are behaving tyrannically.

  8. Andrew Lyall & Keith Allen Lehman:

    Andrew - Erica is correct and you are not. You really need to do some serious study at the Apuzzo website as there are a plethora of wondersul essays there on the matter. Neither Obama (nor anyone else) has shown the man was born anyplace let alone in the US. Regardless, his birth was governed by the British Nationality Act of 1948 as he himself admitted - and that makes him not eligible to hold the office he now occupies under the United States Constitution.

    Keith - actually McCain was born not in a US installation (the Coco Solo sub base did not exist in 1936 when he was born) but his actual birth certificate shows he was born outside the Canal Zone in the Panamanian city of Colon at Colon General Hospital; a private hospital.

    But you're absolutely right ... there's no comparison since we have seen McCain's actual BC (and other documents) and Obama spends millions (mostly in our tax money) in hiring private lawyers - one of whom is now the White House counsel - and directing DOJ "assets" (more lawyers paid for by tax dollars) to keep it that way. So far the courts have been complicit in his cover up.

  9. Agreed Jefferson's Rebels. He is unconstitutional and Congress and the Courts are behaving tyrannically.