Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Barbarism of the Islamic State and Stereotyped Pro-Lifers

They behead American and Japanese journalists, rape and kill women, push homosexuals off buildings. It is ISIL, al Qaida, Hamas and whatever name they can come up with. 
The Islamic State is comprised of barbarians whose evil is beyond imagination for the latest atrocity has burned alive a Jordanian pilot that was captured in December of 2014.
The video released online showed images of a man purported to be Maaz al-Kassasbeh engulfed in flames inside a metal cage. Kassasbeh was captured on December 24 after his F-16 jet crashed while on a mission over northern Syria as part of the US-led coalition campaign against the jihadists.

Sharia Law is being forced upon nations that Muslims adopt as immigrants via the absurd tolerance attitude despite intolerance of Islamic Jihadists. If they have emigrated to find a better life, why would they insist upon bringing the very medieval doctrine that makes life miserable from whence they came?

“Detainees” at Gitmo are treated humanely and reportedly better than inmates in prisons across the United States, despite the practice of some inmates urinating on guards that pass by their cells and other misconduct. President Obama;s comment:
Should, in fact, this video be authentic, it’s just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization,” he said. “And I think it will redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of a global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated.”
Problem is, people are tired of talk and no action. President Obama treats Islamic leadership with more respect given to Israel's prime minister. Palestine, who is looking to be recognized as a state and join the United Nations is suing Israel for alleged war crimes. Imagine that. A country who teaches their children to hate Jews and makes up horror stories about Jews that are reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda in the 1930s and 1940s.
According to AD HOC News, Palestine could lose millions in US aid if they sue Israel via ICC for alleged atrocities. How bold they are after countless rocket launches into schools and hospitals. ICC has actually opened a preliminary investigation despite that the lead investigator quit. Israel has submitted a counter suit for war crimes committed by Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the Senate, with votes from both sides of the political aisle, passed the Keystone XL pipeline legislation. President Obama is planning to veto it – despite being backed by the majority of lawmakers AND the American citizen majority. Of course, the Saudi leadership is doing all that it can to stop the progress toward US domestic oil production. Environmental fascists and their organizations in the United States, like the Sierra Club, who have no legitimate or logical reason to be against it, are taking the side of the Saudis. Apparently they are not against oil production in Saudi Arabia and not as concerned about environment worldwide as they profess. Yet, those who belong to such organizations operate vehicles that depend upon oil production – like the rest of us. An oil pipeline in Alaska has proven that there is no ecological danger of one being built and boosted the economy in Alaska.
OPEC has been in charge of petro dollars and oil prices for too long. It is time to not only be self-sufficient in the United States but be competition against OPEC. Katie Pavlich wrote:
The Sierra Club is purposely favoring the Saudis over Americans for jobs and economic advantages in order to meet an ideological and political goal while ignoring the environmental practices used in the Middle East. Terrific.

Unrelated news … ProLifeAllies is a new coalition determined to dispel the stereotype thrust upon them by the Democrats.
NOTE: Cost estimate of the 2013 amnesty bill and Conn Carrol proves that illegal immigrants WILL NOT improve the economy.
AND: Justice Department stonewalling Internal Government Investigations.

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